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IMG_2730 Perlin Hen double black cherry pearlIt’s been years in the making and it’s finally here. The Purlin Hen custom all acrylic duck call is the most versatile and aggressive double reed that’s every been offered by any call maker. This is a design that World Champion Duck Caller Antonio “Duck Man” Jones has worked on since those early days when he was hanging out with master call maker Butch Richenbach. who made the Rich N Tone brand famous. Duck Man grew up in the shadows of the world’s best duck callers, and he hunted in some of the most high pressured public lands in Arkansas. If a duck hunter on these public lands wasn’t a good caller, the simply didn’t bag any mallards. Well, Duck Man Jones isn’t your regular run-of-the-mill duck hunter, and his Purlin’ Hen is not your run-of-the-mill duck call.

It’s a call that offers big sound, loud, aggressive, and demanding routines that don’t ask the ducks to swing by but rather reach out and grab them by the duck bills and forces them to come in close enough for a clean shot. Check out the newest and hottest double reed custom acrylic duck call that’s available anywhere. Drop us an email, give us a call, or shout out on Facebook or Instagram. We’re real duck hunters who make real duck calls that really work! “I guarantee it!” Antonio “Duck Man” Jones

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IMG_0039 Savage single Flat BlackThe all new Brodie Bend Savage Single is similar to a drill Sargent that you’ve seen in real life or on TV because it’s a call that gets up in a duck’s face with some pops, powerful feedcalls, and bust loose with some loud Drill Sargent style comebacks that ducks simply quiver, fall in line, group up, and pile into the duck hole like a bunch of obedient first day recruits.

The Savage Single isn’t for everyone because it’s a full-bore single reed that’s not for beginners. You’ve got to have some experience to get the most out of this call because it’s loaded with more depth, definition, clarity, and range, and it simply resonates like no other single reed available anywhere.

When World Champion Duck Caller Antonio “Duck Man” Jones decided to put his years of experience and his personal designs into the flagship Brodie Bend Savage Single, he wasn’t going to make a single compromise for anyone. It was going to be exactly what he wanted or he was going to walk away. Well, he made it happen and the first 500 Savage Singles will be numbered, signed, and shipped with a certificate of authenticity. Each of these duck calls will feature a hand-sanded toneboard, hand-cut reed, and they’ll be fully hand-tuned and tested by World Champion Duck Man Jones. These custom Savage Singles will be available at a few of the top retailers and you can send us an email, give us a call, or reach out through Facebook or Instagram for more specific information.

The first 500 Savage Single custom acrylic duck calls are available only in flat black. Check out this web page or our social media for more updates on what color we’ll offer next in the second series of our limited production Brodie Bend Savage Singles!

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Brodie Bend

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out our new Brodie Bend web site, and the assortment of Premium Acrylic duck calls that took me years to perfect. I started calling ducks when I was 11 years old and I studied under the master himself, Butch Richenback, and Champion of Champions Buck Gardner. It’s been a long road since those early days, and I’ve finally put together a single and double reed duck call that is definitely Championship Quality!

We are real duck hunters that make real duck calls that really work. We want to see your photos, watch your videos, and read your comments about your successes using our Single Savage or the Purlin’ Hen Double. Come back and see what changes we’ve made since your last visit, check us out on Facebook or Instagram. We’re all about helping you perfect your calling skills, and you can start by purchasing one of the single or double reed calls that I personally test and tune to make sure it meets my critical ear. If it’s a Brodie Bend duck call than it’s got my personal stamp of approval. I guarantee it!

Antonio “Duck Man” Jones
World Champion Duck Caller